Envisioning a healthier, more sustainable future

Our goal is to encourage health through nutrition by way of easily accessible, sustainable food. This is possible via a climate-conscious production process.

Big impact

Resource efficiency

~70% less energy than other production solutions.


Making healthy easy

Improved access to healthier nutritious choice, potentially reducing excess calorie intake, obesity, heart attack and diabetes.


All natural

Creating snacks with only natural occurring sugar, high fiber, controlled snack unit portions.

Partnering to empower and socially integrate

We believe that healthy nutrition is part of societal well-being – that’s why we’ve partnered with Etgarim, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower and socially integrate people with disabilities through outdoor challenge sports.

Giving back to the community through equity donations

Supporting educational initiatives and youth opportunities, among other charitable activities in Israel, by sharing in the wealth being created by the country’s technology sector.

Tmura, an Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, was founded in 2002 to increase the involvement of the high-tech community in non-profit activity in Israel, with a focus on education and other youth related initiatives.

Tmura receives donations of equity from Israeli and Israel-related high-tech companies and, upon a liquidity event, allocates the proceeds to education- and youth-related charities in Israel.