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No added sugar. Real taste. Infinite snack possibilities.

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Snack binding – let’s not sugar coat it.

Traditionally, added sugar is used to bind the ingredients in snacks together.
It’s unhealthy, in addition to being unecological due to the large carbon footprint required to process it. That’s why we’re raising the bar towards a new gold standard in zero added sugar snack creation, for a future of healthier, tastier, more sustainable snacks.

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Unique taste and texture Unmasked flavors
Superior experience

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Infinite sweet & savory snack possibilities and combinations

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100% real food
No added sugar or sweeteners
No preservatives

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Efficient processing
70% less energy per snack
Recyclable packaging

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iWeld™ proprietary technology

Goodbye binders.
Hello SnackTech.

Yes, we weld food! Our proprietary iWeld™ technology combines mechanical pressure with ultrasonic energy to completely replace the use of added sugar, dates, or any other binders.

iWeld™ is 70% more energy-efficient than currently available snack production methods. It provides a superior customer experience through optimized nutritional composition and great natural texture. No binders required.

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Looping fruits
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The pressure is on for a healthier snack experience.

Come, be a part of the new wave in snack technology! Whether you are a food manufacturer, retailer, distributor or investor looking for your next venture…let’s make an impact together.

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See what we’re cooking up next…

With iWeld™ technology, the opportunities for tastier, healthier, more exciting snack products are infinite! The next generation of bars, cookies, crackers, and breakfasts, and more, are just waiting to be discovered and created. Check out what we’re innovating next…

About Torr

Torr is founded by a unique blend of industry experts and veterans from the CPG and food industries, with a proven track record all the way from the lab to the shelf.

Our proprietary iWeld™ technology is set to make disruptive waves in the way that snacks are manufactured both now, and in the future.

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Presteez, our self-owned brand, introduces a brand new world of unmasked flavors, terrific textures, and unforgettable bites directly to consumers.

Come and be a part of the success!

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Our Partnerships

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